The origin of AbaliciouS by Lucka

        It is not easy for someone with NCDs like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, or cancer to be also both a patient and caregiver.
        I, Lucka, was a "caregiver" of my father who had end-stage renal disease and required hemodialysis, and also for my mother who had end-stage chronic renal disease from diabetes requiring peritoneal dialysis. I was their caregiver until both of them passed away.
       Today, I am in the 2nd stage of "chronic kidney failure disease" after being diagnosed with diabetes since 1987 (at the age of 14). I realize that if I cannot have full control of my blood sugar level and blood pressure, my fate will be also end-stage chronic renal disease and heart disease due to diabetes like my parents. This makes me understand the pain, stress, and hardships faced by both caregivers and patients. One of the pain points of a NCD patient is the “Lack of quality food seasonings which are both delicious and safe for NCDs."

      AbaliciouS by Lucka is a Low Sodium food seasoning, with no added potassium to increase the saltiness, no artificial coloring and artificial flavoring. Our sauce has its own natural color and flavor from the quality ingredients.

      AbaliciouS by Lucka is a quality food seasoning that is golden color, tasty, abalone fragrant, no artificial coloring and healthy. It is safe for NCDs,   

so patients and caregivers can be assured of our product.

      AbaliciouS by Lucka is a food seasoning that can make your food more flavorful even when used in small quantity.

      AbaliciouS by Lucka is the ideal food seasoning for people who wants to minimize their risk of NCDs.

      AbaliciouS by Lucka is also the ideal food seasoning for people with NCDs and who want to take care of themselves.

      AbaliciouS by Lucka was born because I, Lucka, wants everyone to be happy by eating quality and delicious food, so they have a good quality of life and stay healthy.

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