AbaliciouS by Lucka

The Healthy Alternative

Pleasant Aroma

Lite Sodium

Good For Kidney

Good for Blood Circulation

Safe For Regular Consumption

Good for Cardiovascular system

Reduce blood pressure

Who should use

AbaliciouS by Lucka Sauce?




from our customers

"My grandma had late stage kidney disease and is about to enter the 4th stage. The doctor has advised her to avoid salty and eat only unsalted food. She loves eating full-flavoured food, so we need to change her eating habits step by step. AbaliciouS sauce helps tremendously. It makes her food tastier and more flavoured. Now, the doctor said that her kidney function test is improving"​

Share healthy life to the


Hemodialysis unit, The Kidney Foundation of Thailand

Peritoneal Dialysis Center, Banphaeo General Hospital (Chareonkrung)

Thai Kidney Club

Priest Hospital

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Full-Bodied Taste
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for Those With Kidney, Heart & Other Health Issues