15 Facts about our product

1. What are the differences between Abalone and Oyster sauce?

"Color" Abalone sauce has a naturally light brown color with no added artificial color, while Oyster sauce is black.


"Smell" Abalone Sauce has a soft smell from Abalone which is a deep-sea animal and naturally clean, while Oyster sauce has a pungent smell.


"Flavor" Abalone Sauce has a mild flavor that gives the natural mellow flavor to the food. It differs from a sharp flavor from Oyster sauce.

2. What are the benefits of Abalone sauce?

“AbaliciouS by Lucka Abalone sauce are low-sodium, rich flavor and delish, pleasant smell, and healthy. It is suitable for people who need to restrict sodium intake. For example, people with "NCDs" need to reduce their sodium intake to decrease their risk of developing disease severity and to maintain their good health in the future, while they can still eat delish food"

3. Why Lite/Light Sodium (Low Sodium)?

The hypertensive patient rate in Thailand is rising to 15% each year, which is caused by consuming sodium intake 4 - 5 times more than our body needs. (We need only 2000-2,400 milligrams per day)

Abalone Sauce with Light Sodium or Low Sodium Formula has 50% less sodium than a regular sauce. Our purpose is to improve the quality of cooking to make food more flavorful, smell good, safe for consumers' health, and reduce the risk of disease.

4. Who is suitable for abalone sauce?

Abalone Sauce is suitable and safe for everyone who prefers to eat food that is flavored from quality ingredients. Our product meets health standards. Your food will have a natural color, pleasant smell, and delish.

5. How much sodium does 1 tablespoon of Abalone sauce contain?

1 tablespoon of Abalone sauce contain 210 mg. sodium and 70 mg. for 1 teaspoon

6. How many tablespoons should we consume in a day?

We should consume no more than 2,000 mg/day of sodium.

This amount can be divided into 800 mg from naturally-derived sodium and 1,200 mg from flavoring.

So you can safely consume 6 tablespoons of Abalone sauce per day.

7. Is there potassium in Abalone sauce?

No, because Abalone sauce has a pleasant smell and very delish. We do not need to add potassium to make it saltier.

8. What is the effect of high or low potassium in our body?

Vegetables and fruits contain much natural potassium. If you have an abnormal potassium level, you may have an arrhythmia or cardiac arrest.   

9. Is there any artificial color or artificial flavor?

There is no artificial color and artificial flavor. Abalone itself has a natural golden brown color and the clean scent of the sea. Abalone only lives and grows in a clean deep sea. So, there is only natural color and scent.

10. Is there fat in Abalone sauce?


11. Do you have any recommendation menu for Abalone sauce?

You can use Abalone sauce with any type of cooking method. For example, salad, soup, fry. You can also use it as a dipping or marinate your ingredient. It makes your meal tastier and has a good smell.

12. Is there FDA label or any legal label?

AbaliciouS by Luka Abalone Sauce has FDA. 83-2-02047-6-0010 as a registration number. We are authorized to use the word 'Lite Sodium' on the label, and we are approved to use the 'Alternative Health' logo by all rules and regulations.

13. Can I use Abalone sauce for dipping with food like chili sauce?


14. How many times can be used for 1 bottle?

16-20 times depending on the amount that you use

15. How long does AbaliciouS by Lucka last?

1 year from manufacturing date, it should be kept in fridge after opened to maintain its quality and scent as in the first time you use it.


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